Forget mini golf – Iceland has midnight golf!

7 Sep 2016 The number of foreign players enjoying Icelandic golf courses is rising fast – bringing valuable revenue to Iceland’s golf clubs and bringing business at times when locals tend not to play.

The lighthouse in Grímsey.

Islands of Iceland IV: Grímsey

29 Mar 2016 Welcome to the last in our four-part Ea­ster series present­ing and celebrat­ing some of the is­lands which decorate the ed­ges of this is­land nati­on. Our final dest­inati­on is Grímsey.

SUN PHOTOS: Spring equinox tomorrow!

19 Mar 2016 To celebrate daylight’s victory over darkness tomorrow, here are some of our favourite summery sun pictures.

Sunset yesterday over Reykjavik's Elliðaár river.

PHOTO: And now the days get longer!

22 Dec 2015 Today is just one of many stepping-stones taking us to the midnight sun of the Icelandic summer.

Tourists braving the cold at Víti in the Icelandic highlands at the weekend.

Summer snow in July

20 Jul 2015 July is a period more usually associated in Iceland with the midnight sun. This weekend, however, inland areas of the country were treated instead to summer snow.

Photos: Iceland's midnight sun in all its splendour

Photos: Iceland's midnight sun in all its splendour

5 Jul 2015 Last night the skies above Reykjavik were stunningly beautiful with the midnight sun painting hues of crimson on an endless canvas. asked readers to send in their photographs of the dislay last night and the results are visibile in this photo series.

The winning entry!

Photo competition - WINNER

3 Jul 2015 Sig­urður William Brynj­ars­son is the winner of Ice­land Monitor midnig­ht-sun photo com­pe­titi­on. His photograph was taken in the lava fields outsi­de Hafn­ar­fjörður with the sun sett­ing over Reykja­vik.

Midnight sun photo contest: Win a helicopter trip to Mount Esja

25 Jun 2015 This week, the midnight sun has been creating a marvellous night sky painted in all hues of crimson, sapphire, orange and pink. If you have captured an amazing Icelandic night sky this week, send us your name and your photo and we'll publish it on Iceland Monitor.

Secret Solstice: Day One

20 Jun 2015 The Secret Solstice festival kicked off yesterday and Laugardalur park in Reykjavik drew in colourful crowds. Revellers danced outside in the midnight sun to bands such as Retro Stefson, GusGus, Kelis and HAM.


Party on, midnight sun!

19 Jun 2015 The Secret Solstice Festival, an open-air music festival in Reykjavik, takes place for the second time this weekend. With over 10,000 guests and several stages within the lush greenery of Laugardalur park, the festival is THE place to be right now. Iceland Monitor checked out the atmosphere today and chatted with a few revellers .

The beauty of an Icelandic summer night, when the sun stays on the horizon. This photograph is taken at the Reykjavik coastline.

Blackout blinds for Iceland's midnight sun

10 May 2015 "We sell tons of blackout blinds every spring. It's the must-buy product of the season as the sun always seems to come as a surprise to people," explains Ívar Ívarsson, store director of Rúmfatalagerinn, a home retail store. People with young children who wake up in the middle of the night due to the May sun shining into their bedrooms are eager to buy blackout blinds.




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