PHOTO: And now the days get longer!

Sunset yesterday over Reykjavik's Elliðaár river.

Sunset yesterday over Reykjavik's Elliðaár river. Photo: Árni Sæberg

At 4:49 am this morning came the moment that many have been waiting for – the winter solstice. The northern hemisphere reached its furthest tilt away from the sun and then, straight way, began its gradual tilt back towards it – bringing more solar energy, longer days and shorter night.

The effect of this? Well, Iceland will enjoy TWO SECONDS more daylight today than it did yesterday! This is, of course, just one of many stepping-stones taking us to the midnight sun of the Icelandic summer – but is, for that very reason, a joyous event.

Above is a picture of the weak winter sun setting yesterday – very early – over Reykjavik’s Elliðaár river and the frozen surrounding countryside, to remind us of the short day now behind us!




10 °C



10 °C

Clear sky


12 °C

Warning: Yellow More