People are able once again to walk behind the waterfall.

Walking path at Seljalandsfoss waterfall reopens

6 Sep 2017 The access to Seljalandsfoss waterfall reopened this morning and a sign has been put up warning people about rockfall. On Saturday the path was closed off due to gigantic boulders plunging down onto the path.

Tourists at Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

Thanks God that nobody was killed at Seljalandsfall waterfall

4 Sep 2017 Kristján Ólafsson, chairman of the association of landowners at Seljalandsfoss waterfall says," I thank God that nobody was killed, that's of course the most important thing." Access to the waterfall has been closed off due to enormous rocks plunging from the cliffs above the falls.

A screenshot from a video by tourist Reneé Green who witnessed the huge rocks falling at Seljalandsfoss.

Seljalandsfoss closed due to rock slide

3 Sep 2017 Police in South Iceland have, in cooperation with landowners, closed off the walking path at one of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions, Seljalandsfoss waterfall in South Iceland.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

Seljalandsfoss "completely trashed"

24 Jul 2017 Landowners at Seljalandsfoss waterfall had "no choice" but to start charging for parking at this popular tourist spot.

The area at Seljalandsfoss has become very muddy due to the amount of tourists visiting the spot.

Teenage boy in accident at famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall

8 Jun 2017 The rescue teams in Hella, Hvolsvöllur and Eyjafjöll were called out when a 14-year-old boy fell at Seljalandsfoss waterfall in South Iceland.

Kourtney Kardashian celebrates birthday at Iceland waterfall

19 Apr 2016 Kourtney Kardashian ended her 37th birthday celebration at luxury country hotel Hótel Rangá in South Iceland for a swish dinner, followed by a trip to nearby Seljalandsfoss, one of Iceland's most famous waterfalls.


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