Majestic Hekla volcano.

Earth Still Trembles Near Hekla Volcano

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Hekla vocano.

Earthquakes South of Hekla Volcano

12 Nov 2021 More than 320 tremors have registered in the vicinity of Hekla volcano, South Iceland, since shortly before noon yesterday.

A vehicle from the highland rescue team.

SAR teams called out to find lost tourist on Mt.Hekla

13 Aug 2017 Rescue teams from South Iceland were called out at ten pm last night to find a lost tourist on Mount Hekla.

The earthquake epicenter is market with a green star, about 30 km west of Mt. Hekla Volcano and near the Þjórsá river riverbed.

Earthquake of 4,4 magnitude hits South Iceland

6 May 2017 An earthquake of 4,4 magnitude hit South Iceland shortly after 12 noon today. Smaller quakes were also felt.

Hekla looking innocent with a cover of snow. Recent measurements indicate that it could blow at any moment.

Hekla shows signs of eruption

29 Mar 2017 "Most measurements that we have today indicate that Hekla is ready for an eruption, but we do not know what factor will set the eruption off," says geophysicist Páll Einarsson at the University of Iceland.

The photo was taken by farmer Þorsteinn Oddsson at Heiði in Rangárvellir. He died in 2008. The photo is taken at 7 am on March 29th in 1947 when the eruption had begun twenty minutes earlier. This unique and historic photograph has never been published before.

Unique photo of Hekla eruption published for the first time

29 Mar 2017 Today marks the seventieth anniversary of the biggest eruption in the famous Hekla volcano in latter age. The eruption began on March 29th, 1947 and lasted until April 1948.




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