Þorri and Þorrablót

A trog filled with delectable þorramatur

For the love of pickled testicles

15 Jan 2017 Ever wondered about this frightening food like fermented shark and pickled sheep head jam used to shock tourists? Here's some insight from a local, who absolutely loves this food.


Video: High Chieftain of Ásatrú religion on piss-fermented shark and ram's testicles

26 Jan 2016 Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, high chieftain of the pagan Ásatrú religion in Iceland spoke to Iceland Monitor about the origins of the traditional Þorrablót festival, taking place all over the country for the next couple of weeks.

Make your man's day special today.

Celebrating Þorri and Husband’s Day

22 Jan 2016 Today is the first day of Þorri (pronounced ‘Thorri’), one of the twelve months of the old Icelandic calendar. The day is known as ‘bóndadagur’, a day set aside for pampering ‘the man of the house’.

Surtur is an Imperial Stout and comes in two new and very strong varieties this year.

Iceland's most alcoholic beer on sale

12 Jan 2016 This year's crop of the Þorri season beer includes a new beer, two varieties of Surtur, which contains an alcohol level of 14,5.

Autumn equinox in Iceland.

Do you know your old Icelandic months?

21 Oct 2015 The year was split into twelve months of thirty days each (total 360 days), the extra days being gathered into a small extra in what is now late July.

Þorramatur, traditional Icelandic food which will be widely enjoyed today. Here you can see Hangikjöt ( smoked lamb), sheep's head, blood pudding, shark and liver sausage.

Pickled penises, rotten shark and other delicacies

23 Jan 2015 Today is bóndadagur in Iceland, a day which can be translated to both farmer's day or farmer's day and it heralds the beginning of the Þorri winter season. This is a time in which Icelanders gather to enjoy Icelandic food which is pickled, putrefied or smoked according to old tradition.

A whole whale testicle is used for each brewing.

Whale testicle beer anyone?

12 Jan 2015 Icelandic microbrewery Steðji is producing a new beer, Hvalur 2, for the winter month of Þorri. The beer is flavoured with the testicle of fin whales who, according to old Icelandic traditions have been salted and then smoked using horse manure. A whole testicle is used for each brewing.


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