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Þingvangur is preparing to build numerous high rise buildings on this plot of land.

A new district for Reykjavik next year

19 May Construction company Þingvangur intends to build a new 200 thousand square metre district in Laugarnes in Reykjavik, with construction beginning next year.

A long queue formed outside the Lindex lingerie store in downtown Reykjavik.

Icelandic women wait in line for new lingerie store opening

19 May A new branch of Lindex selling only lingerie opened on Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik today. Apparently Icelandic women are thirsting for new underwear as a long queue formed outside the shop.

The popcorn is supposedly made by unicorns.

Omnom rainbow popcorn for free tomorrow

8 May Iceland‘s fanciest chocolate brand Omnom are giving away their brand new rainbow chocolate popcorn tomorrow at their store. The popcorn is in different colours with different flavourings and is supposedly made by unicorns.

There are many different designs for sale and on display at the City Hall.

Design and Craft Fair in Reykjavik this weekend

5 May Forget the puffins and the mass produced stuff and go to The Design and Craft Fair at Reykjavik City Hall this weekend instead. At the fair you can buy unique souvenirs from the artists/designers themselves.

Cream was born last Wednesday.

Cream son of Jam newest member of Reykjavik Park and Zoo

28 Apr The newest member of the Reykjavik Park and Zoo was born recently. It’s a snow white calf. He has been given the name Rjómi (Cream), his mother’s name is Sulta (Jam).

Almannagjá at Þingvellir

A new road to Þingvellir national park?

28 Apr Locals in Mosfellsdalur valley are worried that the road in the valley, which leads to the Golden Circle, can’t handle the traffic and have proposed an alternative.

The excavation is in Reykjavik centre.

Barley grains used to date ancient remains in Reykjavik

24 Apr The remains date back to when Iceland was first settled. They were discovered in Reykjavik centre when archaeologist were excavating remains of a 19th century house.

Café Paris has new owners who decided to return it to its original function- a French bistro and café.

Gorgeous changes to Reykjavik city centre's Cafe París

24 Apr Café Paris is one of the city's best known cafés. Now new owners intend to restore it back to its former glory - a French bistro and it's been redesigned in a true European fashion.

The seminar is held at the loft of the store.

Icelandic or foreign cheese. What's the difference?

23 Apr There is a small store called Búrið in Grandi, Reykjavik harbour area. It sells cheese and other gourmet products. They also have seminar on Icelandic cheese, the culture and more. There you can find out more about Icelander’s short but passionate love affair with cheese.

Sindri Snær Jensson and Jón Davíð Davíðsson, owneres of hip streetwear shop Húrra and also the owners of the new pizza place set to open at Grandi.

New sourdough pizza joint at Reykjavik's Grandi harbour area

22 Apr The latest addition to the growing flora of trendy restaurants and shops at Grandi, a formal industrial part of the harbour, is a hip sourdough pizza joint set to open this summer.

Fruit salads at Bergsson Mathús.

Pick of the best brunches in Reykjavik

21 Apr There's a great variety of fantastic brunches on offer on weekends in Reykjavik, from small quaint restaurants to fancy hotels. Here's our pick of the best to suit all tastes.

Tómas R. Einarsson and his Latin band

Say farewell to winter with salsa

19 Apr Tonight is the last night of winter, according to the old Icelandic almanac. A cause for a feast. There’s a Latin/salsa concert at Kex Hostel tonight, a celebration to say goodbye to winter.

This part of Laugavegur will only be open for pedestrians.

Reykjavik centre partly closed for traffic from 1 May

19 Apr Reykjavik partially closes parts of the centre to motor vehicles over the summer to make passage easier for pedestrians. The restrictions will start on 1 May.

There are eight baby goats already and more to come.

Spring and baby animals in Reykjavik Park and Zoo

12 Apr Spring has arrived in Reykjavik Park and Zoo, one of Reykjavik families’ favourite Sunday afternoon leisure spots. The first baby animals have been born, goats and chickens. Other animals in the zoo are reindeers, seals, arctic fox and Icelandic farm animals.

The police was waiting for the ship when it docked in Reykjavik.

Norwegian research ship directed to dock by Coast Guard

10 Apr Last Saturday the Icelandic Coast Guard directed a Norwegian research ship to dock at a Reykjavik pier. The ship seems to have been fetching valuables in a wrecked ship from WW II, but it’s debated if the company needed permits to do so.


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