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Cleveland is located next to Lake Erie.

Icelandair begin scheduled flights to Cleveland

10:21 GMT Icelandair have decided to offer scheduled flights between Cleveland and Keflavik International Airport four times per week, starting in May next year.

Fresh fish in Tálknafjörður.

Is this the best fishmongers in Iceland?

yesterday Fresh fish for sale, reads the hand-written poster in remote Tálknafjörður in the West Fjords of Iceland. It's a sign for a self-service fishmongers where you simply just take your fish and leave money in a jar. The owners simply place good faith in their customers.

Reykjavík Excursions employs about 300 drivers.

Drunk bus driver let go by Reykjavík Excursions

18 Aug A Reykjavik Excursions bus driver that was caught driving under the influence two weeks ago, temporarily losing his license, no longer works for the company.

"Don't go to Reykjavík"

17 Aug Travel website The Culture Trip has put Reykjavík on a list of tourist destinations to be avoided this summer. The list also includes Venice, Rome, Milan and Barcelona among others.

Fishing is much more fun when done legally.

Interrogation via Google Translate

16 Aug A French poacher lost the ability to speak English after being caught red handed in Norðurá river.

Tourists at Geysir in Iceland.

Reykjavik rental cars are the most expensive in Europe

10 Aug The most expensive rental cars in Europe according to a survey made by in 50 European destinations earlier this month, are in Reykjavik.

Gray Line coaches.

Merger of Iceland Travel and Gray Line

9 Aug According to an announcement, an agreement has been reached on the merger of Iceland Travel ehf., which is fully owned by Icelandair Group and Gray Line Iceland., which is jointly owned by the founders of the company and Akur fjárfestingar slhf. Following the merger, Icelandair Group will own 70% of the merged company, while the owners of Gray Line will own 30%.

Not the quietest place to sleep in Reykjavik.

Somebody pitches up tent on Reykjavik traffic island

9 Aug A number of people were surprised to see a tent in the traffic island next to Harpa concert hall in the centre of Reykjavik this morning. By noon the tent had gone.

Drawing images into the crater is a popular pastime it seems.

Giant penis drawn into an Iceland crater

9 Aug Almost daily, people walk into the Hverfjall crater and draw some kind of image or write in it. Every other day the Environmental Agency have to send people to remove it.

Eric Clapton with his giant salmon on Friday.  .

Eric Clapton catches enormous salmon in Iceland

8 Aug One of the summer's biggest salmons to be caught was caught by no other than British musician Eric Clapton on Friday in the Vatnsdalsá river. The salmon measured 105 centimetres and it took Clapton 40 minutes to land it.

A new record for Keflavik Airport

6 Aug This past July saw over one million passengers traveling through Keflavik Airport, a first in Iceland’s aviation history. In all, the passengers were 1,1 million – a 22,21 percent increase from July 2016.

How much is the view worth to you?

Guests to pay for Perlan's platform views

5 Aug Visitors in one of Reykjavík's most famous landmark, Perlan – i.e. The Pearl, will have to pay to take in the scenic views from its balcony from 1st of September on.

Ain't no party like a white-beaked dolphin party.

Video: Dozens of white-beaked dolphins get down

4 Aug House of Pain said to “Jump around” and that is exactly what happened when dozens of white-beaked dolphins came together to play in the Westfjords yesterday morning.

The turf-houses in Biskupstungur.

Luxury turf-houses rise in the West

4 Aug Two families will be opening up a new overnight option for travelers in Biskupstungur in Iceland’s Western Region next year where they have built ten traditional turf-houses.

No eruption on the cards for Katla, at least not for the time being.

No eruption : Alert code for Katla changed back to green

1 Aug Katla, Iceland's most powerful volcano has been moved from yellow back to green. This means that volcanic activity has subsided and that there are no signs of an impending eruption.


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