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PICTURES: Stunning Northern Lights over a deserted village

19:50 GMT Stunning pictures of the Northern Lights taken by the lighthouse in Kálfhamarsvík, a deserted village in North Iceland. The pictures were taken by one of the local police officers who is also an amateur photographer.

There will be some delays today due to the incident.

Keflavik International Airport cleared

17:11 GMT Keflavik International Airport in Iceland was just now cleared of people. Everyone in the airport had to leave and are now waiting go through security again. The reason was basically a simple mistake. This will entail some delays on flights.

Svartifoss waterfall is a popular destination.

Iceland 2nd on Telegraph’s list of best countries in Europe

16:39 GMT In a survey by The Telegraph readers were asked to list European countries they most enjoyed visiting. On a list of 20 countries, Iceland ranks number two.

Hekla looking innocent with a cover of snow. Recent measurements indicate that it could blow at any moment.

Hekla shows signs of eruption

13:10 GMT "Most measurements that we have today indicate that Hekla is ready for an eruption, but we do not know what factor will set the eruption off," says geophysicist Páll Einarsson at the University of Iceland.

The photo was taken by farmer Þorsteinn Oddsson at Heiði in Rangárvellir. He died in 2008. The photo is taken at 7 am on March 29th in 1947 when the eruption had begun twenty minutes earlier. This unique and historic photograph has never been published before.

Unique photo of Hekla eruption published for the first time

10:17 GMT Today marks the seventieth anniversary of the biggest eruption in the famous Hekla volcano in latter age. The eruption began on March 29th, 1947 and lasted until April 1948.

A certified coach stop at Hverfisgata.  A new committee has called for many more such stops as now, coaches are randomly stopping at hotels and guesthouses in the city centre, blocking traffic.

Tourist coaches wreaking havoc in city centre

yesterday Coaches picking up or dropping off tourists to hotels and apartments in the Reykjavik city centre are causing traffic problems. A new committee has been formed to control coach traffic in this area.


Video: Life on a tiny remote island in Iceland

27 Mar "I don‘t feel as though I‘m isolated here, it doesn‘t annoy me. If the weather is bad I can‘t go anywhere but that‘s just fine. It doesn‘t bother me at all," says Svavar Baldursson, farmer on the island of Vigur in the straits of Ísafjörður in the West Fjords.

WOW air flights to Chicago begin on July 13th.

WOW air to begin direct flights to Chicago

27 Mar Icelandic airline WOW air have decided to begin direct flights to Chicago in the USA. Icelandair began direct flights to the city last year.

Tígull the dog with his new friend, a tiny redpoll.

Dog saves unconscious bird in Iceland

24 Mar "I was sitting by my computer and the balcony door was open. My dog, Tigull, came whimpering to me and wouldn't stop until I followed him onto the balcony."Tígull was trying to point out to his owner that a small bird was lying unconcious on the balcony.

Tourists waiting to dive at Silfra.

Fewer divers at Iceland's Silfra crevasse

23 Mar Following the two deaths at Silfra crevasse at Þingvellir national park in Iceland, new safety regulations were enforced. There are now fewer divers at Silfra but instead, more snorkellers.

Travellers driving in West Iceland today are encouraged to take care.

Very windy in West Iceland today

23 Mar Holtavörðuheiði mountain road is partially closed as a shipping container blew off a truck. The roads around Reykjavik mostly all passable, but take care as it’s very windy. The weather at the Golden Circle is fine, but the roads are covered with snow and ice.

It can be dangerous to stop a car on the road.

ICRA considering making more lay-bys on Icelandic roads

22 Mar The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (ICRA) is considering building more lay-bys on Icelandic roads to service tourists. They are currently working on a survey to find out where tourists are most likely to stop on the edge of the road.

Jeff and Anna snorkelling in Silfra in the freezing cold.

"If you forgot why the world is beautiful, go to Iceland”

22 Mar 48 hours in Iceland crammed in a short video. Anna and Jeff managed to do a bunch of things, stand on a glacier, snorkel in Silfra in the freezing cold and see the Northern Lights.

Tourists pulling over on both sides of the road on the Golden Circle to look at horses.

Tourists create danger by stopping to look at Icelandic horses

22 Mar A video showing a long row of rental cars pulled up on the side of the road between Geysir and Laugavatn yesterday has created a stir.

Humpback whales are playful creatures.

Humpback whales starting to arrive in Skjálfandaflói, North Iceland

20 Mar Humpback whales seem to be playful creatures, fond of splashing around in the surface of the sea and jumping. Having such an appetite for performing, they are particularly popular among whale watchers.


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