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International Day of the Icelandic Horse on May 1st

two days ago To celebrate the Icelandic Horse, a varied programme will be held around Iceland between April 29th to May 1st.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Parking fee at Seljalandsfoss waterfall

28 Apr Sometime in the next month travelers will have to pay parking fees when they stop by Seljalandsfoss waterfall, one of the big attractions on Iceland's south coast. The income will be used to build walking paths and for facilities by the waterfall.

It will snow heavily on mountain roads surrounding Reykjavik this afternoon.

Snow on roads surrounding Reykjavik today and tomorrow

27 Apr Spring is predicted to come next weekend. Until that, winter isn‘t prepared to let go just yet. It will snow on most mountain roads surrounding Reykjavik today and tomorrow, so make sure that your cars are properly equipped before heading out.

Einhyrningur is slim, and not good for breeding according to his owner.

Iceland Unicorn might go to the slaughterhouse

26 Apr The ram Einhyrningur, Unicorn, got famous overnight, for his one stoutly horn standing up from its forehead. Einhyrningur is not built for breeding and the farmer that owns him plans to send him to the slaughterhouse next autumn.

Tourists throwing coins into hot spring is frowned upon by locals.

Coins fished out of hot springs by Geysir

26 Apr A British volunteer was set to fishing coins out of Blesi hot spring, in the Geysir area, South Iceland. He came up with 10.000 ISK. Signs have been put up to ask people not to throw their money around so freely.

Icelandic explorer Vilborg Anna Gissurardóttir counts crossing the South Pole as one of her many accomplishments.

Dressing for the great outdoors in Iceland

25 Apr Icelandic mountaineer and explorer Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir says the constant changes in weather in Iceland should not be an obstacle to dressing in the right manner.

Dust storms coming from Mýrdalssandur sand flat yesterday.

Iceland dust plumes reach hundreds of kilometres out to sea

25 Apr A MODIS image published by NASA yesterday shows enormous dust plumes in Iceland reaching severeal kilometres out into the Atlantic ocean. The dust originates from Mýrdalssandur and Meðallandssandur sand flats.

Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel will be closed over the next four nights.

Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel to close over the next four nights

24 Apr Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel on the nr. 1 ring road north of Reykjavik will be closed over the next four nights for spring cleaning and maintenance.

The herders that found Einhyrningur first thought he was a goat.

Unicorn found in Iceland

24 Apr The ram Einhyrningur (Unicorn) only has one horn sprouting from the middle of his forehead. He got lost in the highlands last summer, and was found around Christmas.

It's important to the owners that the building will fit into the surrounding nature.

New service centre and restaurant by Fjallsárlón lagoon

21 Apr Fjallsárlón lagoon is located by Vatnajökull glacier. It's in many ways similar to its neighbour Jökulsárlón lagoon, with giant icebergs floating around on it. Local tour operators are working on finishing a new service centre by the lagoon, they have operated boat trips on the lagoon over the last four years.

Gæsamatur was discovered by Deildartunguhver hot spring.

New plant discovered in Iceland, named goose fodder

21 Apr A new plant was discovered by Deildartunguhver hot spring, West Iceland, recently. It has been given the name Gæsamatur, goose fodder.

The earthquake was felt by people on the Reykjanes peninsula.

Earthquake in Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula

19 Apr A large earthquake was felt today at noon around 5 km South West of Geirfugladrangi on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. The earthquake was of a magnitude of 3.9.

Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010

VIDEO: Skiing/hiking trip up Eyjafjallajökull volcano

18 Apr Mountain guide Ólafur Már Björnsson recorded a video on his drone in a skiing/hiking trip up Eyjafjallajökull glacier, a volcano that erupted in 2010 and closed most air traffic in Europe for some days.

The woman fell asleep in a bus from Grayline bus company.

Tourist fell asleep and got stuck in bus from Keflavik Airport

18 Apr Australian tourist Hanna Pethani fell asleep on the bus from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik. To her great distress she woke up in complete darkness in an empty bus. After screaming for help for half an hour, she finally found the emergency switch that opened the door.

"People just had a beer and chilled"

Suitcases stuck in planes during a storm yesterday

18 Apr A great number of passengers had to wait for their suitcases for hours in Keflavik International Airport yesterday. A storm was raging, and the weather was so bad it wasn’t possible to get the suitcases from the planes and into the airport.


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