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Travellers need to take care when travelling in these parts today.

Storms in West Iceland today

09:55 GMT Storms are expected in Kjalarnes, beneath Hafnarfjall mountain, in the northern part of Snæfellnes and underneath the Eyjafjöll mountains today, and continuing this evening and into the night.

Almost 50 % increase in WOW Air passengers in the space of one year

15 Oct WOW air transported 285 thousand passengers to and from Iceland in September whichis 47 % more than in September 2016.

Weather warning: Flooding and rockslides in West and North Iceland

12 Oct Heavy rainfall today from Strandir in North-West Iceland, Siglufjörður and east towards Skjálfandi could cause flooding and danger of rock slides warns the Iceland Met Office.

Comedian Steindi Jr. in the video, here meeting a local elf.

Inspired by Iceland launches ‘The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World’

9 Oct Inspired by Iceland, the official destination brand for Iceland in marketing has released a new marketing initiative called A to Ö of Iceland. As a part of this launch, they've also released a song called the "Hardest Karaoke Song in the World," featuring local comedian Steindi Jr.

Krauma is designed to fit perfectly in with the natural surroundings.

New natural pool to open in West Iceland

8 Oct A new natural pool for bathing in will be opening next to Deildartunguhver hot spring in Reykholtsdalur, West Iceland at the end of October. Around 50 to 60 thousand visitors are expected to visit the nature pool annually.

Northern Lights dancing above Borgarfjörður, West Iceland.

Northern Lights to dwindle in 2019

7 Oct A forecast predicting that Northern Lights activity will dwindle between 2019 and 2021 Sun’s activity slowly wanes towards Solar Minimum is not deterring tourists from booking Northern Lights trips to Iceland.

Einhyrningur is a bit of a loner, says his owner.

Icelandic "unicorn" put up for auction

6 Oct Icelandic ram Einhyrningur (Unicorn) gained world attention this spring. The owners have finally decided upon his fate - he is to be auctioned for charity in November.

The green stars show where the earthquakes were detected.

Earthquakes detected in both Grímsey and Bárðarbunga last night

6 Oct Several earthquakes were measured at Grímsey island north of Iceland last night as well as at Bárðarbunga but according to the Iceland Met Office there is no sign of volcanic unrest.

Autumn colours in Iceland this week.

Continuing storms in South East Iceland

5 Oct Storms will continue in South East Iceland today with winds up between 20-23 m/s and gusts of wind reaching 30-35 m/s.

Drivers are warned of slippery road conditions.

Travel warnings issued for today in North and East Iceland

4 Oct People intending to travel to North Iceland are warned that a storm is expected in South East and East Iceland and snowfall is expected in areas in North Iceland from Varmahlíð to Seyðisfjörður.

Geothermal energy in Reykjanes, Iceland.

Untapped sources underground

3 Oct Around 44% of Europe's electricity production is used for heating and cooling houses. Alexander Richter thinks geothermal energy could be a good substitute.

The temporary bridge at Steinavötn being built.

Temporary bridge in East Iceland opens tomorrow

3 Oct The new temporary bridge over Steinavötn in East Iceland will be opened at noon tomorrow 4th October. The ring road has been cut off for some time.

Tourists can drive to Jökulsárlón without problems but it's impossible to drive onwards to Höfn.

Road no.1 still closed between Höfn and Jökulsárlón

1 Oct The Ring Road is closed at Steinavötn in Southeast Iceland, between Jökulsárlón and Höfn. It is not possible to pass at the junction and there is no other route. No bypass is possible, except driving all the way around Iceland states the Iceland Road Administration.

The ring road is closed at Höfn, one of the largest towns in the East Fjords.

Ring road closed in East Iceland: Paralysing for the tourist industry

30 Sep The closure of the no.1 highway around Iceland, the ring road at Höfn in East Iceland due to the floods has had a paralysing effect on the tourist industry in the area.

The bridge across Steinavötn has been closed due to flooding .

Considerable rain still in East Iceland

30 Sep Continuing rain is predicted in East and South East Iceand today which will add to water levels. Considerable flooding has taken place this week in the area.


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