About Iceland Monitor

Iceland Monitor is an English-language news and information site providing news in English, opinion articles, information about events in Iceland and travel information. Iceland Monitor is published by Árvakur hf., the publisher of mbl.is and Morgunblaðið.

Meet the team

Anna Margrét Björnsson Anna Björnsson profile picture

Anna Margrét has worked in journalism since the year 2000.
She has been an editor of the magazines Iceland Review, Atlantica, Sirkus Reykjavík and ReykjavikMag. Anna Margrét has worked for mbl.is as a journalist since October 2014.

Hjortur profile picture Hjörtur J. Guðmundsson

Hjörtur J. Guðmundsson writes mainly about politics and international issues. He holds a bachelor‘s degree in political history and a master‘s degree in international relations with focus on European studies and defence and security.

Soley profile photo Sóley Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Sóley is a feature writer for Iceland Monitor and has supervised the events section of Iceland Monitor since its inception. She has a Master’ s degree in Applied studies in Culture and Communication from the University of Iceland and a BA degree in Ethnology from the same University.

Kristinn Th profile picture Kristinn Tryggvi Thorleifsson

Kristinn is the Managing Director of mbl.is and serves as news editor for Iceland Monitor. Kristinn holds a degree in journalism from University of Georgia and an MBA degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

About mbl.is and Morgunblaðið

mbl.is is the largest and most-read news and information website in Iceland. Since its inception on 2 February 1998, mbl.is has consistently been Iceland’s most popular website. The focus is on domestic news with good coverage of foreign news, business news, weather, sports, entertainment and lifestyle. mbl.is also runs Iceland’s most popular site for real estate advertisements, classifieds, and Morgunblaðið’s news and photo archives. Some 89% of Icelanders aged 12-80 visit mbl.is every week. Morgunblaðið was founded in 1913 and is Iceland largest subscription newspaper. Editors in Chief are Haraldur Johannessen and Davíð Oddsson.

Árvakur hf.

Árvakur hf is a publishing company formed in 1919 to run Morgunblaðið. Árvakur also operates Landsprent hf, Iceland’s largest newspaper printing press. In addition to printing Morgunblaðið, it also prints numerous weekly papers and periodicals for various publishers.

Use of material

The content of this website is protected by copyright laws and other Icelandic intellectual property laws. The right to publish any photographs on the website resides with mbl.is and Árvakur hf, while copyright is owned by the respective photographers. Copies suitable for printing or commercial use can be purchased by contacting mbl.is.

Personal data

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Rules for advertisers and sponsors

Árvakur hf keeps advertising and editorial content strictly separate, as described by the company’s rules regarding advertising and sponsorship (link in Icelandic).

Contact Information

Main telephone number: +354 569 1100
Iceland Monitor editorial team: icelandmonitor@mbl.is
Online news desk telephone: +354 569 1200
Online news desk e-mail: netfrett@mbl.is
mbl.is technical team e-mail: netdeild@mbl.is
Advertise on Iceland Monitor: jonkr@mbl.is
Advertise on mbl.is: netaugl@mbl.is


Managing Director of mbl.is:
Kristinn Tryggvi Thorleifsson
Iceland Monitor Editorial staff:
Anna Margrét Björnsson
Charles Gittins
Head of Development:
Árni Matthíasson


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