Rules and policy guidelines for advertisements and sponsored content

Editorial content

The media outlets of Árvakur hf place great emphasis on the reliability of their content. Editorial staff of all Árvakur’s media always comply to the standards of quality journalism.

Paid content

Besides editorial content, Árvakur media publishes a variety of adverts and advertorials paid for by advertisers. Árvakur always ensures that this type of material is specifically presented as sponsored material. This kind of paid content is divided into two types:

Advertiser content

Content from advertisers is content paid for and produced by advertisers. This paid content is subject to legal regulations, it has to comply with standards of common decency and be clearly separate from editorial content. Árvakur has the right to decline material if it does not comply with these standards. Árvakur also has the right to label advertiser content with the word “Advert” if it is believed to look too similar to editorial content.

Supported by / Sponsored content

Media outlets of Árvakur hf. offer cooperation with those who want to publish features on certain information, ideas, services or products. This type of material is labelled “Sponsored content” or “Supported by” in order to separate it from traditional editorial content and it has to be appealing to readers. Editorial staff makes a final decision on this material and whether it should be published.

For more information on sponsored content please contact Unnur María Pálmadóttir, project manager, tel. 569 1233.

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