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Members of the Ásatrú religion in Iceland conducting a ceremony for the spirit guardians of Iceland.

Enormous increase in Pagan Ásatrú religion in Iceland

yesterday Since 2014 there has been a 50% increase in registered members of the Ásatrú pagan religious movement in Iceland which worships the ancient Norse gods such as Ódin, Thor and Freyja.

Canadian artist Steven Nederveen hosts workshop in Iceland

27 Mar The painting Ocean crossing was created by Canadian artist Steven Nederveen for the Canadian Embassy in Iceland in celebration of Canada's 150th Anniversary. Nederveen will be hosting a workshop in Iceland on March 28th in Akureyri and March 30th in Reykjavik.

Ocean swimming in the remote beauty of Iceland's West Fjords.

Icelandic swimwear inspired by the local swimming culture

27 Mar "Icelanders have had this long relationship with the magic and healing of water. Iceland's bathing culture is unique and is founded on our natural resources," says designer Erna Bergmann. Her new range of swimsuits, Swimslow, is based on a philosophy of sustainability and mindfulness.

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's most popular tourist spots.

Jewellery launched in cooperation with Iceland's Blue Lagoon

25 Mar Raus Reykjavík has designed and marketed a jewellery range in cooperation with the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Jewellery made from old Icelandic coins

24 Mar Viktor is a studying to become a skipper. On the side he makes jewellery like cufflinks and necklaces from old Icelandic coins. His design is particularly popular amongst retired USA Army officers that used to serve in Iceland.

Glowie performing at the recent Sónar Reykjavik music festival.

Icelandic artist Glowie signs deal with Columbia

24 Mar Icelandic music newcomer Sara Pétursdóttir, otherwise known as Glowie, has signed a huge contract with Columbia records. This is one of the largest music deals made by an Icelandic artist.

DesignersLoji and Tanjaare exhibiting a new National Football team outfit at Design March.

Iceland's Design March kicks off on Thursday

22 Mar Design March is Iceland’s most important annual design festival covering all fields of design including architecture, graphic design, fashion, furniture and product design.

Exchanges between students are increasingly happening in English says a school teacher.

Pupils increasingly communicating in English in Icelandic schools

21 Mar A school teacher in Hafnarfjörður, a town next to Reykjavik voices his concerns that both teenagers and younger pupils are starting to speak English to one another. He believes this is caused by the constant time spent on the internet.


Video: A new era for arts in Reykjavik

20 Mar The newly restored Marshall Building

Fashion designers Eygló Margrét Lárusdóttir and Hilda Gunnarsdóttir.

The Reykjavik Grapevine Design Awards announced

20 Mar The annual Reykjavik Grapevine Design Awards for 2016 took place on Friday night. Among the winners were Morgunblaðið photographer Ragnar Axelsson for his book Faces of the North and fashion designer Eygló.

Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir and Becky Forstythe, exhibition directors of Rolling Line, works by Ólafur Lárusson.

A new era for the Living Art Museum

19 Mar On the second floor of the new Marshall building at Grandi in Reykjavik, the Living Art Museum (Nýlo) has found a new home. Its opening exhibition is Rolling Line, on the works of Ólafur Lárusson (1951-2014).

Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir and Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson.

First Kling and Bang exhibition at the new Marshall building opens today

18 Mar Slæmur félagsskapur or Bad Company is an exhibition by eight young Icelandic artists, most of whom graduate last year. It takes place at the Kling and Bang exhibition space at the brand new Marshall building which also opens its doors this weekend.

Designer Hildur Yeoman opens new boutique in central Reykjavik

17 Mar Icelandic designer Hildur Yeoman is renowned for her gorgeous, ethereal prints and feminine cuts. Now the designer has opened her own boutique on Skólavörðustígur 22b in central Reykjavik.

Mark Sultan is the man with the golden voice.

Mark Sultan and The Pink Street Boys tonight

17 Mar Mark Sultan, otherwise known as BBQ is a Canadian one man band who will be performing at Gaukurinn in central Reykjavik tonight along with the loudest band in the world, Iceland's Pink Street Boys and punk newcomers Spunk.

Lady Victoria Hervey at a party in 2014.

Lady Victoria Hervey in Iceland for the Reykjavik Fashion Festival

17 Mar The Reykjavik Fashion Festival takes place next weekend at Harpa and one of the special guests at the festival is model Lady Victoria Hervey.


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