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The Pride Parade last year in Reykjavik.

Asexuals march for the first time at Reykjavik Pride

11 Aug This year, asexuals join the Reykjavik Pride Parade for the first time. The parade takes part in the city centre tomorrow bringing the Reykjavik Pride to a close.

The six people convicted in the case: Sæv­ar Ciesi­elski, Erla Bolla­dótt­ir and Kristján Viðar Viðars­son. Lower row from left to right: Tryggvi Leifs­son, Al­bert Kla­hn Skafta­son and Guðjón Skarp­héðins­son.

Iceland's most famous disappearance case back to court next week

10 Aug The case of Guðmundur and Geirfinnur goes before the High Court of Iceland tomorrow or at the beginning of next week. This famous case is now the subject of a film called Into Thin Air.

The directors of Reykjavik Pride and Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson.

Rainbow painted for Reykjavik Pride

9 Aug Reykjavik Pride Week began yesterday with a rainbow being painted in the walkway to the City Hall in Reykjavik.

If you are driving from Landeyjahöfn you better blow before you go.

Twenty tried to drive under the influence

7 Aug With the long weekend coming to an end, festival goers and other travelers are making their way back to where they came from. About twenty drivers in the Southern Region have been stopped for driving under the influence.

All that being said, most people obviously know and avoid their close relatives when it comes to finding someone to warm their sleeping bags.

How likely are Icelanders to hook up with their cousins, really?

5 Aug How likely is it to end up with a relative in your sleeping bag at the Vestmannaeyjar festival Þjóðhátíð this weekend? This question is asked and answered in Morgunblaðið’s Sunday edition:

Thousands attended the 2017 Reykjavik Slut Walk.

Reykjavik Slut Walk draws great crowds on Saturday

30 Jul The Reykjavik Slut Walk took place in Reykjavik yesterday afternoon. Thousands rallied to support the cause: to put an end to sexual violence, shame the perpetrators and not the victims and to press for changes in the judicial system with regards to sexual crimes.

Women who have two sons are more likely to try for a third child than women with two daughters.

Icelanders prefer daughters to sons

27 Jul According to new research figures it seems that women are waiting a bit longer to have children than before. Icelanders also seem to prefer having daughters to sons.

Sunday, Mary, and Joy.

Public outrage as Nigerian asylum seekers are to be deported

26 Jul "Im a dead man if I go back to Nigeria, but this isn't about me, it's about my daughter. I want her to have a chance of a better life," says Sunday Iserian, a Nigerian asylum seeker speaking to mbl.is. After nearly two years of waiting in Iceland, their application has been rejected by the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.

Akureyri Police Station.

Escaped inmate „simply walked off“

21 Jul An inmate from the Akureyri Penitentiary was found in a movie theatre last night, five hours after escaping.

The bottom of the Government Offices website showed the coat of arms on a black background.

Government website breaks the rules it hosts

20 Jul A Twitter user has pointed out that the use of the Icelandic coat of arms on the Government Offices’ new website goes against its rules of application.

Inga Dóra Hrólfsdóttir, Veitur's CEO.

A million cubic meters of sewage in the ocean

19 Jul As of yesterday, the emergency valve in the Faxaskjól pumping station has been fixed. Just under a million cubic meters of unfiltered sewage were pumped into the ocean around Reykjavík during the 18 days it was open.

Polar Nanoq's crew members waiting outside the courtroom today.

Turned off the internet and lied about an engine malfunction

18 Jul Crew members of the Greenlandic trawler Polar Nanoq continue to testify in court on the actions of defendant, Thomas Möller Olsen, during the hours surrounding the death of Birna Brjánsdóttir in January.

Crew members of Polar Nanoq are giving their statements in court today.

Broke down after receiving a text message

18 Jul Crew members of the Greenlandic trawler Polar Nanoq continue to testify in court on the actions of defendant, Thomas Möller Olsen, during the hours surrounding the death of Birna Brjánsdóttir in January.

Court hearings in the Birna-case begun at nine a.m. this morning.

“Wonder if they’re here for me?”

18 Jul Seven crew members of the Greenlandic Trawler Polar Nanoq, are giving testimony in court today in regards to the death of Birna Brjánsdóttir in January. The defendant, Thomas Möller Olsen, was part of the crew.

From the crime scene in Mosfellsdalur.

Tying up loose ends in Mosfellsdalur attack

17 Jul Investigation into the death of Arnar Jónsson Aspar is well on its way, police say. Arnar was attacked outside his home in Mosfellsdalur on June 7th.


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