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Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, MP for the Progressive Party.

Former PM of Iceland forms new progressive society

two days ago Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, former PM and former leader of the Progressive Party who was implicated in the Panama Papers last year, has announced the founding of a new society called Framfarafélagið (The Progressive Society). He says he's not creating a new poltical party but that the society will probably develop with time.

Sweet racks at an Icelandic supermarket, extremely popular with Icelandic children.

Icelandic children are the second fattest in Europe

24 May New figures from the OECD with regards to childhood obesity show that Icelandic children are the second fattest in Europe. A fifth of 15 year olds are overweight or obese in Iceland.

The litre of petrol at Costco goes for  169,9 Icelandic kronas.

Costco sells the cheapest petrol in Iceland

22 May Costco have begun selling petrol outside their store at Kauptún in Garðabær at 169.9 ISK per litre. This is the cheapest petrol price in Iceland. Costco will open their highly anticipated store tomorrow, Tuesday.

Þingvangur is preparing to build numerous high rise buildings on this plot of land.

A new district for Reykjavik next year

19 May Construction company Þingvangur intends to build a new 200 thousand square metre district in Laugarnes in Reykjavik, with construction beginning next year.

Aren't Icelanders using enough sexual protection?

Cases of HIV double in Iceland

19 May Last year there was a considerable increase in individuals diagnosed with HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea according to a report by the Icelandic Directorate of Health.

The Rainbow Map 2017.

Iceland drops in annual ranking of LGBT rights

18 May Rainbow Europe, the annual map of ILGA Europe shows that Iceland only complies to 47% of the requirements of the ILGA compared to 59% in 2016.

U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning delivered hundreds of thousands of classified documents that she found troubling to WikiLeaks.

Iceland's Pirate Party rejoices at news of Manning's release

18 May "Fantastic news today that Chelsea Manning is a free woman and a big reason to celebrate," says captain of the Icelandic Pirate Party Birgitta Jónsdóttir about yesterday's release of Chelsea Manning who leaked thousands of documents from the US Army to Wikileaks in 2010.

Robert Spencer is the editor of Jihad Watch.

Islamophobe US lecturer believes he was poisoned by Icelandic man in Reykjavik

16 May US lecturer and Islamophobe Robert Spencer who gave a lecture on what he calls the "Jihad Threat" in Reykjavik recently claims he was poisoned by an Icelandic man. "MDMA" slipped into his drink and subsequent panic attack on medical report.

Minister of Health, Óttar Proppé.

Minister of Health works towards eliminating waiting lists in healthcare system

16 May Minister of Health, Óttar Proppé says that he is making a concerted effort to eliminate waiting lists within the Icelandic health care system. The main way to do this is by increased funds and support to the hospitals.

Half of the women who have abortions in Iceland take an abortive pill.

Record number of abortions in Iceland

28 Apr Last year, 2016, a record number of abortions took place in Iceland with a total of 1.021 abortions. This is the first time that the number of abortions in one year surpasses a thousand.

Jim Ratcliffe, the biggest single landowner in Iceland.

Biggest landowner in Iceland a British billionaire

26 Apr Jim Ratcliff has over the last year bought a lot of land in Iceland and is now one of the biggest single landowners in the country. And it’s all for the sake of the salmon, which he means to help preserve.

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre is situated by the Reykjavik Harbour.

International What Works summit begins today in Reykjavik

24 Apr The What Works Summit is held for the second time this year at Reykjavik's Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The summit, which explores how countries can turn economic growth into positive social outcomes and advance social progress in times of uncertainty, begins today.

The prices are driven high by many reasons.

Housing prices in Reykjavik up 21% in 1 year

19 Apr The housing market is a hot topic in Iceland. There is a shortage of housing and many young people have troubles making ends meet due to high rent.

Former central banker Jón Sigurðsson.

Little taste for EU membership in Iceland

17 Apr Much needs to happen for the Icelandic people to change their minds and support membership of the European Union according to Jón Sigurðsson, former president of the Central Bank of Iceland who also once served as the country's Minister of Commerce.

The logo of the new political party.

New socialist political party formed in Iceland

11 Apr A new socialist party will see the light of day on May 1st, labour day. According to their website the party aims to create "a society of equality, compassion and human rights by placing power to the people."


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