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Smári Organics markets their skyr as Icelandic yoghurt, not skyr, although the product is actually skyr.

Organic Icelandic skyr in the US

yesterday Skyr is becoming very popular in the US. Icelander Smári Ásmundsson is the founder of Smári Organics which produces the only organic skyr on the US market.

The Bike Cave is famous for their vegan burgers.

A bike cave and café in a picturesque quarter of Reykjavik

27 Mar Called the Bike Cave, the venue offers cheap, good fast food, including a now famous vegan burger.

A creamy smooth thyme espresso.

Try wild thyme coffee at Iceland's Kaffitár

23 Mar On the occasion of Design March, designer Laufey Jónsdóttir and barrista Kristín Biering created an unusual coffee sold during the festival at coffee shop chain Kaffitár.

Chef Kolbeinsson is one of Reykjavik's most popular chefs.

Hot new restaurant opening in Reykjavik’s new hot spot for art

23 Mar Marshall Restaurant + Bar is a brand new Mediterranean restaurant opening up in the Marshall building, Reykjavik’s new hot spot for art. The chef has run some of Reykjavik's most popular restaurants.

Skyr is delicious in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Make your very own skyr

22 Mar Making your own skyr at home is really not complicated, and it only takes three ingredients, plus some time. Here's the recipe.

Hot dogs are a popular choice for all sorts of events.

Hot dogs on Food and Wine’s list of best food in happiest countries

22 Mar American magazine Food and Wine have compiled a list of the best food found in the world’s 10 happiest countries. As Iceland ranks number 3, the best Icelandic food is on the list. A hot dog.

Lamb chops is a popular dish in Iceland, however they are cooked.

VIDEO: Icelandic lamb chops with a twist

17 Mar How about some tender, Icelandic lamb chops for a weekend dinner? Here’s a quick recipe to show you how to cook lamb chops, favourite meal of many Icelanders.

Construction under way at Hlemmur.

Hlemmur food hall finally to open in June

17 Mar Mathöllin, The Hlemmur food hall, formerly the city's bus central in the city centre, will open at the beginning of June. Construction has taken longer than expected.

All the staff are either Icelandic or have lived in Iceland.

Icelandic coffee shop opens in Vienna

16 Mar A new Icelandic coffee shop called Home- Icelandic and Home Cooking opened recently in Vienna, Austria. The menu is inspired by Icelandic culture.

The Food Fayre takes place in Harpa, one of Reykjavik's landmarks.

Carrots, endangered goats and a whole lot of delicious food

16 Mar At Búrið Artisanal Food Fayre you’ll find everything from the newest and most exciting culinary products to farmers selling products from their farms. There you can buy meat from endangered goats and taste carrots prepared by one of Iceland most renowned chefs.

The owners and staff at Brothers Brewery.

New ale house with local craft brew in Westman Islands

15 Mar Brothers Brewery, a microbrewery located in the Westman Islands, is opening an ale house on site. The brewing started out as a hobby but got serious after winning Beer of the Year award at Iceland’s Beer Festival.

Golden redfish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Recipe: Golden redfish with chilli

14 Mar A rare fish is now available from the Bónus supermarket chain in Iceland - golden redfish from fish company Norðanfiskur. Golden redfish is not a common food in Iceland.

Stefán is a self-educated chocolatier.

Elf chocolate now available in Reykjavik

13 Mar Stefán B chocolatier has just opened a store in Reykjavik centre where he sells his whimsical elf chocolates, volcano chocolates and sky-blue berry chocolates, along with mixes for Icelandic hot cocoa soup.

The ice cream is frozen to order using liquid nitrogen.

Deluxe ice cream in Reykjavik inspired by spiritualism

12 Mar Joylato is a perhaps one of the most interesting ice cream shops in Reykjavik. Everything is gluten free, most things area available vegan and the ice cream is absolutely delicious! It also happens to be inspired by the teachings of spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy.

A 3D rendering of the interiors. Note that the incredible original ceiling.

First look at Jamie‘s Italian at Reykjavik's Hótel Borg

11 Mar In the next few days, construction will begin inside historic Hótel Borg when the restaurant will be transformed into British chef Jamie Oliver's italian restaurant. The restaurant will form part of the international chain Jamie's Italian and opens this May.


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