A new district for Reykjavik next year

Þingvangur is preparing to build numerous high rise buildings on ...

Þingvangur is preparing to build numerous high rise buildings on this plot of land. Drawings/Arkþing/Nordic arkitektar

 Construction company Þingvangur intends to build a new 200 thousand square metre district in Laugarnes in Reykjavik, with construction beginning next year. 

Pálmar Harðarson, managing director of Þingvangur says that the district will be appealing for company headquarters, embassies and institutes. 

Ideas are also afoot for building 200 hotel apartments in this district which could be a good investment for the public who could rent them out to tourists.  They are also looking into building a small bus central in the new district. 

Around 45 thousand square metres of the district will be used for building hotels. In comparison, Iceland's largest hotel, Fosshótel in Höfðatorg measures 17 square metres. 

The new district is on a plot of land called Köllunarklettsreitur in Laugarnes, East Reykjavik. 

A map of the Laugarnes area.

A map of the Laugarnes area. map.is


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