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The famous Sandholt bakery is on the left hand side and the hotel is located in the entire row of buildings.

New luxurious hotel opens in historic building in city centre

29 May A new boutique hotel, Sandhótel, opens on Thursday in seven adjoined buildings on Laugavegur offering 53 rooms. Between the buildings is a new square where people can enjoy snacks from the famous Sandholt bakery next door.

With the rise of tourists to Reykjavik, plenty of new hotels are rising on Laugavegur.

Over 200 new hotel rooms for Laugavegur this month

26 May The new hotels opening on Reykjavik's central shopping street, Laugavegur, means that over 200 new hotel rooms will be available in this popular shopping street. At no other time in history such a rapid change has been noted on Laugavegur.

Þingvangur is preparing to build numerous high rise buildings on this plot of land.

A new district for Reykjavik next year

19 May Construction company Þingvangur intends to build a new 200 thousand square metre district in Laugarnes in Reykjavik, with construction beginning next year.

Hveravellir are known for the stunning colours.

Drastic changes planned at Hveravellir, in the Icelandic highlands

14 Mar There will be drastic changes to the scene of the Hveravellir highland nature reserve, known for its hot springs, over the next few years. Old buildings will be demolished and new buildings, a hotel and other lodging facilities for up to 120 people, will rise on the boarder of the nature reserve.

The hotel will rise on the corner of Suðurlandsbraut and Grensásvegur.

New gigantic hotel opens in Reykjavik's Skeifan quarter

5 Jan A new four star hotel is being built on the corner of Suðurlandsbraut and Grensásvegur with 300 rooms therefore becoming the second largest hotel in Iceland, with the Fosshótel on Höfðatorg in the financial quarter being the largest.

Billions lost in Reykjavik accommodation black market

19 Dec Iceland is losing out on an estimated ISK 21.5 billion (€180 million) a year because of undeclared black-market accommodation rentals in Reykjavik, it has been claimed.

Mikill vöxtur er í byggingu lífsstílshótela í heiminum.

Expensive hotels could help control tourist influx

23 Nov Garry Steffen, managing director of the newly opened Canopy Hilton Hotel in central Reykjavik believes that one way to control the influx of tourists to Iceland is to build luxury hotels and thus attract tourists who spend more money while on their visit.

One of the hotels is located near Klambratún park in central Reykjavik.

Twin hotels to open in city centre

15 Nov Two identical hotels will open soon in the city centre, one of them in Laugavegur, the main shopping street, and the other a little further afield, close to Hlemmur square and Klambratún park.

Reykjavik’s five-star Marriott EDITION to open late 2018

10 Oct Iceland’s first five-star international hotel, a Marriott EDITION in Reykjavik, is set to open in late 2018.

Iceland hotel room prices up 38% since 2013

27 Sep Owing to inflation and a strengthening króna, hotel prices in Reykjavik in euros have risen 38% over the last four years.

Profits at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon up over 36%

27 Sep The company running Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon spa resort has posted profits of €15.8 million (approx. ISK 2 billion).

Tourism in Iceland: “We need more hotels”

21 Sep At present numbers, all hotels in the Greater Reykjavik area will likely be full to capacity as early the first quarter of next year, according to a new study on tourism in Iceland performed by analysts from Arion Bank.

Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon.

The best of Iceland travel – World Travel Award winners

6 Sep This weekend saw the conclusion of the 23rd World Travel Awards,with major players in the global travel and tourism industry being rewarded for excellence.

Airbnb’s “harmful” Iceland ad campaign

1 Sep Airbnb could be using Iceland as a testing ground for an active Google advertising campaign – with negative social repercussions for locals, says a tourism studies expert.

The company wants to tear down this white building and replace it with a modern hotel.

Building from 1924 to be torn down for a hotel?

23 Aug A company named L55 ehf. has applied to the City of Reykjavik to tear down two buildings on the main shopping street, Laugavegur, to make room for a new building containing a hotel and a bar/restaurant.


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