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Drive Slowly! Reindeer Crossing the Road!

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From left: Stefán Hrafn Magnússon, Jón H. Arnarson and Ingvar Garðarsson.

Drone for Herding Reindeer

14 Nov 2019 A prototype for a large drone, designed and made in Iceland, intended for herding reindeer in Greenland, is ready to fly.

Reindeer descending onto roads in the lowlands can create a traffic hazard.

Drivers warned about huge reindeer flock in North East Iceland

3 Jan 2019 A very large group of reindeer were spotted by the road at Háreksstaðir in North East Iceland yesterday and the Iceland Road Administration has sent out a notification to drivers to take great care when driving in these parts.

Stefán Magnússon with his daughter Freyja Nielsen. Freyja lives and works with him on the ranch during the summer.

Icelander runs reindeer ranch in Greenland

6 Jan 2018 "I always wanted to breed reindeer so I decided to just do it and moved to Greenland," explains reindeer farmer Stefán Magnússon who runs the Isortuusa Reindeer Station in South Greenland.

Icelandic reindeer in winter.

Warning: Reindeer traffic in East and South East Iceland

14 Dec 2017 The Iceland Road Administration and the East Iceland Nature Research Centre would like to warn drivers to look out for reindeer crossing roads in East and South East Iceland.




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