From RVK Brewing Co. From left:
Nonni Quest, barber, Valgeir Valgeirsson brewer, and Sig­urður Pét­ur Snorra­son, co-owner of RVK Brew­ing Co.

Beer Run September 21

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It's beer anniversary night in Iceland!

1 Mar 2019 Today, March 1st, Icelanders celebrate the anniversary of beer. Why? Well, because until March 1st 1989 beer was banned in Iceland.

The new Icelandair beer.

Icelandair offer their own brand IPA

14 Feb 2019 Icelandair are now offering a specially brewed IPA to celebrate new Boeing 737's being added to their fleet.

Ragnheiður Axel and Liljar Már who have formed brewery Og natura. Here they are at Skúli Craft bar during the presentation of their products, a blueberry beer and a crowberry wine.

Launch of Icelandic blueberry beer and crowberry wine

8 Oct 2018 Ragnheiður Axel and Liljar Már Þorbjörnsson have founded an Icelandic brewery whose aim is to make use of underutilized Icelandic ingredients such as crowberries and blueberries. Their first two products, a blueberry beer and a crowberry wine were presented last Thursday at Skúli Craft Bar.

Giving up beer might be an idea before travelling to Iceland!

Iceland is the most expensive country to drink a beer

25 May 2018 According to a survey conducted by travel bureau Intrepid, Iceland is the most expensive country to drink a beer. The cheapest country for beer is Vietnam.

The new Viking Ale is touted as the perfect summer beer.

New Icelandic ginger-flavoured beer

4 Jul 2017 A new white ale containing flavours of mango, passion fruit and ginger is now for sale at the state alcohol shops in Iceland.




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