Kría and Jóhanna, holding the lambs Blíða and Blær.

Lambing Season in Full Swing

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Einhyrningur is a bit of a loner, says his owner.

Icelandic "unicorn" put up for auction

6 Oct 2017 Icelandic ram Einhyrningur (Unicorn) gained world attention this spring. The owners have finally decided upon his fate - he is to be auctioned for charity in November.

Tiny puffs of white: the video shot by Gunnar Freyr.

Hypnotic video of the annual sheep round ups in West Iceland

22 Sep 2017 Icelandic photographer Gunnar Freyr Gunnarsson posted up a wonderful video of Icelandic sheep during the annual sheep round ups that clocked up 10 k likes in only one hour of being published.

Réttir: The annual sheep round-ups begin

18 Sep 2017 One of Iceland's oldest cultural traditions is the annual sheep round up in September, an event called Réttir.

"They just look hopefully up at the drone hoping to be rescued."

Farmer pleads for rescue of sheep stranded in steep cliffs

13 Jul 2017 A ewe and her lamb are stuck on a ledge on high cliffs at Reynivellirin South Iceland. There's no way of getting to the animals who will eventually starve to death.

Einhyrningur is slim, and not good for breeding according to his owner.

Iceland Unicorn might go to the slaughterhouse

26 Apr 2017 The ram Einhyrningur, Unicorn, got famous overnight, for his one stoutly horn standing up from its forehead. Einhyrningur is not built for breeding and the farmer that owns him plans to send him to the slaughterhouse next autumn.




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