Farmer pleads for rescue of sheep stranded in steep cliffs

"They just look hopefully up at the drone hoping to ...

"They just look hopefully up at the drone hoping to be rescued." photo/Skúli Gunnar Sigfússon

A ewe and her lamb are stuck on a ledge on high cliffs at Reynivellirin South Iceland. There's no way of getting to the animals who will eventually starve to death.

Farmer Skúli Gunnar Sigfússon at Reynivellir shared a video of the sheep on his Facebook page and encouraged rescue workers to practice a rescue operation by throwing a line down and a climber or using a helicopter.  Nobody has answered his plea for help yet. 

Speaking to he explains there's no way up or down for the ewe and her newborn lamb. "She somehow made it down this steep mountain with her lamb and is stuck." He adds that this sort of thing of course happens every year in Iceland, as sheep graze freely during the summer months, but in this instance the sheep can actually be observed via a drone. discovered by the use of a drone. 

"They just wait there. They have some vegetation to eat for the time being and sheep are hardy animals. They could survive for a few weeks."

There's no way out for the sheep, neither up or ...

There's no way out for the sheep, neither up or down. Photo/Skúli Gunnar Sigfússon

 "I last looked in on them yesterday and they seemed calm. I think they're just waiting calmly to be rescued. They look hopefully at the drone everytime it goes up there.







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