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The helicopter, over Esja mountain yesterday.

Hiking Trail Workers Get Help from Helicopter

13 May Outdoor enthusiasts will no doubt welcome a project underway in the slopes of Esja mountain, near Reykjavík.

Professor Gísli Már Gíslason, along with other members of FÍ and those of the Travel Association of Greenland, visited the village of Kapissilit in Nuuk fjord.

Travel Association of Greenland Founded

15 May 2019 The Travel Association of Greenland was formally founded last week in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

Einar Skúlason is the man behind Wapp.

Wapp – App – More than Map

21 Apr 2019 Outdoor enthusiast Einar Skúlason is the creator of an app for hikers in Iceland.

Mount Esja in its winter coat can be very dangerous.

Mount Esja has claimed the most amount of lives of all Icelandic mountains

29 Nov 2017 Esjan, the beautiful mountain opposite Reykjavik is a popular spot for hiking but it's also a treacherous one when the weather conditions change. Today, three new information signs will be inaugurated at Mount Esja to help prevent accidents in the mountain.

Icelandic explorer Vilborg Anna Gissurardóttir counts crossing the South Pole as one of her many accomplishments.

Dressing for the great outdoors in Iceland

25 Apr 2017 Icelandic mountaineer and explorer Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir says the constant changes in weather in Iceland should not be an obstacle to dressing in the right manner.




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