A sous vide cooker was the most popular Christmas present in Iceland this year. Why? Your guess is good as ours.

Top 5 trends in Iceland this winter

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The dining room table is from Happie furniture.

Gorgeous Icelandic design in the Westman Islands

4 Oct 2016 A cosy home in the Westman Islands, off the south coast of Iceland, features Icelandic design in every corner.

Hrafnhildur, aka Habba Nero specialises in stick and poke tattoos.

Magical runes and organic forms

30 Aug 2016 Icelandic tattoo artist Hrafnhildur Inga Guðjónsdóttir, otherwise known as Habba Nero works at tattoo shop Íslenzka húðflúrsstofan in Reykjavik. Her tattoos are handpoked and her designs inspired by nature and old Norse runes.

Jakob Már Kjartanson is excited about his first day at school.

Schools start this week

25 Aug 2016 Jakob Már Kjartansson is six years old and has just started school at Vatnsendaskóli.




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