A view of Vestmannaeyjar islands.

Magnificent View from Boeing 737 MAX

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Icelandair and Boeing Reach Agreement

12 Aug 2020 Icelandair Group has reached an agreement with all its creditors, in addition to reaching a final settlement with Boeing regarding the impact of the aircraft manufacturer’s grounding of its 737 MAX aircraft last year.

Grounded 737 MAX aircraft.

Icelandair Wants to Cancel Purchase of Ten 737 MAX Jets

10 Jun 2020 Icelandair Group is looking into the possibility of canceling the purchase of ten Boeing 737 MAX aircraft the company ordered, but have yet to be delivered.

One of Icelandair's Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Icelandair not Required to Receive All 737 MAX Jets

27 May 2020 Should Boeing’s delivery of the 737 MAX aircraft ordered by Icelandair Group be delayed more than 12 months, based on current agreements, then the latter has the option to cancel the purchase.

Icelandair Hires 100 Fewer Pilots than Planned

24 Jan 2020 Due to the continued grounding of Boeing 737 MAX jets, Icelandair will employ 100 fewer pilots this summer than plans made in 2019 had called for.




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