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Siglufjörður, dressed in white this morning.

Snow-Covered Siglufjörður Surprises Residents

21 Sep 2020 The residents of Siglufjörður, North Iceland, woke up to a surprise this morning.

Rocks falling from Gjögur mountain, Saturday.

Series of Earthquakes Hits North Iceland

22 Jun 2020 A series of earthquakes hit North Iceland over the weekend.

A typical looking Icelandic turf farm. This one, however, was reconstructed for a film set.

Oldest woman in Siglufjörður was born on a turf farm

12 May 2016 Hallfríður Nanna Franklínsdóttir, the oldest woman in Siglufjörður was born on May 12th, 1916, 100 years ago on a farm in Kollafjörður in the county of Strandir. She's one of the few remaining Icelanders to have been born in a turf house.




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