Eddie Izzard supports Icelandic women in freeing their nipples

(Warning: video contains strong language.)

The British stand-up co­me­dian Ed­die Iz­zard supports the #FreeTheNip­ple cause that caused an im­mense stir in Ice­landic so­ci­ety this week, break­ing down norms, rais­ing ques­tions and mak­ing a strong fem­i­nist state­ment

"If women want to say: 'Hey these boobs are just there' I totally understand," said Izzard at his performance in Iceland yesterday, when he was asked what he thought about the cause that blew up on Twitter earlier this week. 

A woman in the audience asked the question and explained to Izzard why Icelandic women had posted pictures of their nipples. Izzard obviously supported the cause and said he understood why they participated.

„It's an interesting point because if you know your biology, you know that we're all girls until 12 weeks into the foetus and then the ovaries become gonads and the penis comes from the clitoris. It's the same f***ing thing,“ he said and continued: „But we're obsessed by the differences.“

Izzard is a transvestite and often uses make-up and dresses in female clothes.

Eddie Izzard.

Eddie Izzard. Photo: Wikipedia

He is straight and identifies as "a straight transvestite or a male lesbian". It's clear that he knows how much people seem to obsess over the difference.

He made the audience laugh when he said that he heard a story about a plane full of bras had crashed in a jungle and after that women started wearing them to cover their breasts. Women in tribes had always walked around bare breasted before that, but after the "plane crash" breasts suddenly became sexualized.

"We sexualize things and cover up which is a weird thing," Izzard said, and told the women in the audience to "go for it" if they wanted to free their nipples, and recieved a great cheer from the audience.

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Women gath­ered for a top­less swim in Lau­gardal­slaug pool.

Women gath­ered for a top­less swim in Lau­gardal­slaug pool. Photo: Kristinn Ingvarsson


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