South Iceland slavery case

Eight witnesses heard in slavery investigation

1 Mar 2016 A man of Sri Lankan nationality has been in police custody on suspicion of keeping at least two women in slavery and forced labour. All eight witnesses interviewed so far have worked at the company owned by the man, Vonta International.

The alleged events occurred in the South Iceland town of Vík.

Third woman victim of slave labour

25 Feb 2016 Reports suggest that a third woman could be involved in the South Iceland slavery case currently being investigated.

The house where the couple lived. The man is suspected of keeping two women in forced labour in the basement.

Suspected slaver also alleged wife-beater

22 Feb 2016 The ongoing case of suspected slave labour currently being investigated in South Iceland started out as an investigation into domestic violence.

Víkurprjón has terminated their relations with the sub-contractor in question.

Alleged trafficker and slaves from Sri Lanka

19 Feb 2016 The man arrested yesterday on suspicion of keeping two foreign women as slaves in the town of Vik in Southern Iceland is of Sri Lankan nationality, it has been confirmed.

Vík, South Iceland

Man arrested on suspicion of slavery

19 Feb 2016 A man has been arrested on suspicion of keeping two foreign women as slaves in the town of Vik in South Iceland.




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