Eight witnesses heard in slavery investigation


Eight witnesses have already been heard in the large-scale investigation of alleged human trafficking operations in South Iceland.

A man of Sri Lankan nationality has been in police custody on suspicion of keeping at least two women in slavery and forced labour. All eight witnesses interviewed so far have worked at the company owned by the man, Vonta International.

Witness statements have been taken in such a way as to enable witnesses to appear only once, as only one interpreter has been found able to interpret in the native Sri Lankan language of the witnesses.

South Iceland Police are being assisted in their investigation by an expert in cases of human trafficking, the Financial Crime Unit of the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, the International Division of the National Commissioner of Icelandic Police, Europol, and the Icelandic Directors of Tax and Inland Revenue.

Evidence is being gathered parallel to these witness interviews, but it is not yet clear when the investigation will be concluded.




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