Arctic 2015: The Sixth Sense

Arctic 2015: Hard as nails

19 Oct 2015 The Greenland Dog is hard as nails. It has to perform under the most extreme conditions, and has an history stretching back thousands of years.

Arctic 2015: Will humanity pass the test?

19 Oct 2015 Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson says that the Arctic region offers diverse and exciting opportunities, and hopes that Iceland will be lucky enough to capitalise on them.

Arctic 2015: Collaboration is the essential element

18 Oct 2015 The Icelandic Coast Guard has already established partnerships with many nations for joint search and security operations in the Arctic, and has in the past decade approached many more with collaboration in mind. However, both the head of the Coast Guard and its director of operations make it absolutely clear that it is not going to take over search and rescue operations in the area. Each nation is responsible for its own affairs.

Arctic 2015: Transport network integration most pressing task

18 Oct 2015 Icelandic companies are increasingly realising the opportunities to be had in the Arctic region – not least as regards transport. But politicians need to sharpen their focus, says economist Heiðar Guðjónsson.

Arctic 2015: Arctic warming twice as much as elsewhere

17 Oct 2015 If Vatnajökull were melting at the same speed as the Greenland ice sheet, it would be gone in ten years – and global warming in the Arctic region has reached incredible levels.

Arctic 2015: Things are not looking good!

17 Oct 2015 Professor Kevin Anderson urges policy makers to be honest, acknowledge the scale of the mitigation challenge, and abide by international commitments.

Arctic 2015: Where the world is melting

16 Oct 2015 Tobias Ignatiusen is one of the last hunters in the village of Tasiilaq on the east coast of Greenland. It is quite an experience to hunt with him and obtain insight into the hunter community, the prospects of those little villages, recent changes in the sea ice and the ever changing face of the Arctic.


Arctic 2015: The Sixth Sense

16 Oct 2015 Today’s Morgunblaðið newspaper comes with a special supplement entitled ‘The Sixth Sense’, containing articles about Iceland, Greenland and the issues of the Arctic region generally.


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