Arctic 2015: The Sixth Sense

Today’s Morg­un­blaðið new­spa­per comes with a special supp­lement entit­led ‘The Sixth Sen­se’, contain­ing artic­les about Ice­land, Green­land and the issu­es of the Arctic reg­i­on generally.

The 56-page pull-out featur­es all texts in both Ice­landic and English and is crammed with stunn­ing photographs by world-famous Ice­land photograp­her Ragn­ar Ax­els­son.

In­terviewees inclu­de Prof. Kevin And­er­son of the Uni­versity of Manchester, econom­ist Heiðar Guðjóns­son, and Presi­dent of Ice­land Ólaf­ur Ragn­ar Gríms­son.

The vi­deo abo­ve contains ima­ges from just one of the pieces in ‘The Sixth Sen­se’ – an account of Ax­els­son’s meet­ing with Tobi­as Ignatiu­sen, one of the last hun­ters in the villa­ge of Tasiilaq on the east co­ast of Green­land.

Ice­land Monitor will pu­blis­hing artic­les from the supp­lement in English over the next couple of days.


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