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This scallop dish from Sjávarpakkhúsið brings exotic flavours to a local ingredient.

Weekend: Famous recipe for scallops from Stykkishólmur

11 Aug Icelandic scallop is considered quite a delicacy and is caught in the Breiðafjörður fjord in West Iceland. Restaurant Sjávarpakkhúsið in Stykkishólmur is renowned for its scallop recipe which is divulged here.

This elegant way to serve trout or salmon fillets has a distinctly Nordic flavour to it.

Wonderful fish recipe to light up your life

5 Jun It's been raining all weekend but this elegant fish dish, made with healthy trout or salmon, will bring a ray of sunshine into your day.

Plokkfiskur is a hearty meal loved by the whole family.

Recipe for traditional Icelandic fish stew- Plokkfiskur

11 May Plokkfiskur, a combination of fish, potatoes, onions and béchamel sauce is a firm favourite in Icelandic kitchens. It's a traditional dish and a true comfort food.

Golden redfish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Recipe: Golden redfish with chilli

14 Mar A rare fish is now available from the Bónus supermarket chain in Iceland - golden redfish from fish company Norðanfiskur. Golden redfish is not a common food in Iceland.

Messinn's most popular dish: catfish in a creamy sauce with grapes.

Crazy catfish recipe for Monday night

24 Oct 2016 For some reason Icelanders usually eat fish on a Monday night and today we're sharing a scrumptious recipe from popular fish restaurant Messinn.

A delicious healthier version of jam using vanilla, cinnamon and ginger.

Recipe: Home-made blueberry jam with spices

29 Aug 2016 Berry season is nearing its end in Iceland and here's a recipe for a healthy version of jam.


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