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Úlfar Viktor Björnsson was punched in the face for being gay.

Young Icelander beaten up for being gay in central Reykjavik

8 Jan "It's always been in the air. I've always endured all kinds of awful degrading comments. I feel like I've always ben waiting to experience physical violence as well," says Úlfar Viktor Björnsson on being attacked in central Reykjavik on Saturday night.

Not everyone is born into a body that they feel comfortable with.

Two people per month turn to transgender programme at Iceland's National University Hospital

12 Oct On average, two people turn to the transgender programme at the National University Hospital in Reykjavik per month. This number has been increasing over the past 3-4 years according to psychologist Elsa Bára Traustadóttir. A majority want to undergone hormone treatment but few undergo corrective surgery.

Daniel Cunningham offers lap-dance healing to members of the audience.

Gay shamanic striptease at Kiki bar tonight

24 Aug South African artist Daniel P.Cunningham and British born artist Mark J.Hamilton will be performing a gay strip tease tonight in Reykjavik in what they call Queer-Punk performance art and a Shamanic striptease.

The Pride Parade last year in Reykjavik.

Asexuals march for the first time at Reykjavik Pride

11 Aug This year, asexuals join the Reykjavik Pride Parade for the first time. The parade takes part in the city centre tomorrow bringing the Reykjavik Pride to a close.

The directors of Reykjavik Pride and Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson.

Rainbow painted for Reykjavik Pride

9 Aug Reykjavik Pride Week began yesterday with a rainbow being painted in the walkway to the City Hall in Reykjavik.

First gay cruise around Iceland

15 Feb This summer is the first time that a gay cruise around Iceland is offered.

The Árbæjarlaug swimming pool in Reykjavik.

All-gender changing rooms to be put up in all Reykjavik swimming pools

29 Aug 2016 Today's edition of Morgunblaðið reports that all changing rooms in the city's swimming pools will be fitted with an all-gender changing booth.


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