Asexuals march for the first time at Reykjavik Pride

Bjarkadóttir is a member of a group called Asexual Iceland (Asexual á Íslandi). The group intends to draw attention to the cause of asexual people in Iceland by marching together in the upcoming Pride Parade.

“We’ve formed a group that will be participating in the Reykjavík Pride Parade. The asexual flag has of course been seen in the parade before, but as far as we know this will be the first time asexual people actually march together in it as a group,” says Bjarkadóttir. 

The Pride Parade starts at 2 pm on Saturday August 11th, at Hverfisgata on the corner of Ingólfsstræti. 

For the whole interview with Bjarkadóttir read GayIceland's report HERE. 

For the Reykjavik Pride Programme visit their website HERE. 


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