Icelandair hefur tekið skarpa dýfu í Kauphöllinni.

Icelandair shares fall on heavy losses

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PM Gunnlaugsson emerging from his meeting with the President.

Iceland stock exchange plunges amid Panama Papers unrest

6 Apr 2016 The effects of the current Panama Papers unrest in Iceland are not just political. Iceland’s OMX18 stock exchange plunged yesterday as the PM and President held crisis talks.

Photo: Þórður Arnar Þórðarson

Big profits on Iceland Stock exchange

4 Mar 2016 Fifteen of the sixteen companies listed on the Icelandic Stock Exchange have published their 2015 results – featuring a combined profit of ISK 66 billion (approx. €467 million).

Photo: AFP

Icelandic shares fall three days in a row

18 Jan 2016 The Icelandic Stock Exchange (ICEX) has taken big hits during the past three days of trading, in line with stock markets across the world.

Chinese shares fell 8.5% yesterday.

Icelandic shares fall on China concerns

24 Aug 2015 Iceland has apparently not been immune to the effects of yesterday’s Chinese stock market crash. As at 2pm today, the Icelandic Stock Exchange had already shed 3.5% of its value.

A new company enters the Icelandic Stock Exchange.

Iceland stock market world’s highest grower

20 Aug 2015 Iceland’s OMX Iceland 8 stock exchange has been the world’s best performing stock exchange this summer, with an index increase of 11%.


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