Heiðar Logi Elíasson is Iceland's first pro-surfer.

Icelandic surf film premiered

15 May 2016 The Accord, a film about the turbulent relationship between an Icelandic surfer and the North Atlantic wind premieres at the Telluride Mountainfilm Festival at the end of May. The film stars Iceland's first pro-surfer, Heiðar Logi Elíasson.

Heiðar Logi Elíasson is Iceland's first pro-surfer. Describing himself as "out of control" as a child, he says that surfing changed his life.

"Always creating my own adventures"

25 Apr 2016 Heiðar Logi Elíasson was diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when he was 5 years old. He spent the next ten years medicated on ritalin and in constant trouble. Today, however, he's become Iceland's first pro-surfer, a yoga-teacher and tells Iceland Monitor how sports and clean, healthy food changed his life.




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