Hrútskýrir one of the more interesting beers of the season.

Mansplaining, the beer

18 Jan 2017 Yes you read it right, there is an Icelandic beer called Hrútskýrir, which translates as mansplaining. It’s a seasonal beer brewed for Þorri, and should go nicely with all the delicacies of the season as it is both sour and salty.

A trog filled with delectable þorramatur

For the love of pickled testicles

15 Jan 2017 Ever wondered about this frightening food like fermented shark and pickled sheep head jam used to shock tourists? Here's some insight from a local, who absolutely loves this food.

Photo: Eggert Jóhannesson

Þorrablót: Find your nearest lamb heads and pickled testicles!

23 Jan 2016 Iceland Monitor has put together the following non-exhaustive list of some of the ‘þorrablót’ events announced in Europe and North America – with links to either the event or general club page.




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