Þorrablót: Find your nearest lamb heads and pickled testicles!

The month of Þorri is upon us and thoughts across Iceland are turning to the annual feast of food, drink and merriment known to locals as þorrablót.

Over the next four weekends, towns and villages up and down the country will be gathering to celebrate the time of year and partake of traditional food and drink, some of which can be unusual –– to say the least – to the non-native eye.

But what can you do if you fancy a bit of þorrablót action yourself but are not in Iceland?

Well, Icelandic associations and clubs exist in many parts of the world and many organise their own special þorrablót for people abroad.

Iceland Monitor has put together the following non-exhaustive list of some of the events announced in Europe and North America – with links to either the event or general club page.


Saturday 20 February – Edmonton (link); Winnipeg (link)
Saturday 12 March – Arborg, MB (link)
Saturday 19 March – Ottawa (link)
Friday 8 April – Toronto (link)
Saturday 23 April – Wynyard, SK (link)


Saturday 30 January – Århus (link)
Saturday 6 February – Bergen (link); Copenhagen (link); London (link)
Saturday 13 February – Oslo (link)
Saturday 24 February – Gothenburg (link)


Saturday 30 January – Virginia (link)
Saturday 6 February – Arizona (link)
Saturday 27 February – Boston (link); Utah (link); Washington DC (link)
Saturday 5 March – Los Angeles (link)
Saturday 5 March – Texas (link)
Saturday 19 March – Chicago (link)

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