From Grímsey island.

Earthquake Near Grímsey Island

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Earthquakes at Grímsey.

Bigger quake possibly on its way

19 Feb 2018 "We think it's likely that the seismis activity will die down and that this morning's quake was the largest, but there could be a larger one or one of a similar size that will arrive. We can't rule that out," says Hildur María Friðriksdóttir at the Iceland Met Office asked about this mornings earthquake just off Grímsey and the ensuing uncertainty level raised by the Civil Protection in Iceland.

Largest earthquake so far in Grímsey

19 Feb 2018 An earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2 was detected at Grímsey island at around 7 this morning. The powerful quake was felt in many parts of North Iceland and the department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has declared a level of incertitude in North Iceland.


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