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NATO Project Underway at KEF Airport

26 Jun 2020 A project underway within the security area of Keflavík International Airport aims at improving facilities for NATO member nations.

Sergei Kislyak attended the Arctic Circle summit in Harpa concert hall and conference centre last weekend.

Russia had nothing to do with the US presidential elections

24 Oct 2018 Sergei Kislyak, former ambassador to Russia in the USA says speaking to that Russia had nothing to do with the US elections in 2016. Kislyak was in Iceland last weekend attending the Artic Circle summit in Reykjavik.

A two year old girl cries  at the US border

Icelanders organise protest outside US embassy in Reykjavik tomorrow

20 Jun 2018 Over a thousand people are attending and thousands are interested in a protest organised on Facebook against the US policy of separating children from parents at the US border.




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