Iceland Ranks Fifth on Quality Index

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Lost tourists at the famous statue of Viking discoverer Leifur Eiríksson in the city centre.

Clothing advice for an Icelandic summer: How to fit in in 101 Reykjavik and not look like a tourist

14 May 2016 Icelanders can spot a tourist a mile away. Why? Well, they're the only one wearing hiking gear downtown (parka and hiking boots), wearing far too many clothes, carrying a rucksack or brandishing a map.

A photo taken on April 22nd this year shows a rock which is supposedly an elvin palace.

Do the elves in Iceland actually exist?

13 May 2016 AFP have just run a story investigating the Icelandic belief in elves. Anthropologist Magnús Skarphéðinsson, who has spent decades collecting witness accounts is interviewed by AFP on the existance of elves in Iceland.


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