Prófa Mars-farann á Lambahrauni

Mars Rover Tested in Iceland: Video

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The image shows a giant dragon in the sky.

NASA publishes photo of "dragon" in Iceland's Northern Lights

27 Feb 2019 NASA posted up a stunning image of a dragon-shaped aurora in Iceland's winter sky on February 18th.


Space habitats tested out in Iceland

17 Sep 2018 Many factors point to the most viable habitats for people on planets other than Earth being in underground caves. Company 4th Planet logistics have now been working on ways to map out and construct caves on the Moon and on Mars. This work has been done in Stefánshellir cave in Hallmundarhraun in Iceland.

Dr. Jennifer Heldmann explained NASA's interest in Iceland at a lecture at the University of Reykjavik.

NASA to prepare Mars mission in Iceland

23 May 2018 A NASA research team is now exploring Icelandic conditions for research to be conducted to plan missions to Mars and other planets in the future. Many geological similarities to Mars says NASA scientist.




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