Jónasson awarded the Palle Rosenkrantz literary awards

As well as Jónasson and Sigurðardóttir authors like Ian Rankin, …

As well as Jónasson and Sigurðardóttir authors like Ian Rankin, Peter Høeg, Jo Nesbö, John le Carré, Philip Kerr and Minnette Walters have been awarded the Palle Rosenkrantz-literary awards. Photo/Sent to mbl.is

Ragnar Jónasson today accepted the Palle Rosenkrantz Award for Best translated crime novel in Denmark at the Crime novel Festival Krimimessen. The award is given to him for his trilogy about the policewoman Hulda, in the novels Dimma, Drungi and Mistur. This is revealed in an announcement from the the book publisher Bjartur and Veröld.

The Palle Rosenkrantz Prize has been awarded since 1987. The book award announcement states that this is only the second time that the author has been awarded the prize for more than one book. Jónasson is the second Icelandic author who is given this honor, as Yrsa Sigurðardóttir was awarded the prize in 2017 for the book DNA.


The chairman of the jury for the Palle Rosenkrantz Prize is literary scholar Bo Tao Michaëlis, a book critic of the Danish newspaper Politiken for over thirty years.

“In Jónsson’s trilogy, Dimma, Drungi and Mistur, both nature and the people of Iceland are deadly, especially in the wastelands where no one can hear when people cry for help, ” is one of the comments of the award panel.

“The character of Hulda the detective, whom we follow from cradle to grave, also has not passed through life intact, so after closing the last page of one thousand, you are left with the message: Is life this cruel? Certainly for man, but not for nature. Nature is wild, beautiful, and innocent. A masterpiece that has also received international recognition."




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