Mbl.is’ Webcam in Imminent Danger

mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

Vala Hafstað

The surviving webcam of mbl.is is in imminent danger, mbl.is reports. As we reported earlier, its predecessor perished in lava on April 7, blocking our readers’ view of the eruption until another one came in its stead.

But things change quickly during an eruption, and the webcam, once thought to be at a safe distance from the activity, now faces an uncertain future.

Gradually, lava streams from two different directions are approaching each other and about to leave the webcam stranded in an inaccessible area, surrounded by lava on all sides.


“Possibly, this hill [on which the webcam is located] could become fully surrounded,” states Einar Hjörleifsson, natural hazards specialist at the Icelandic Met Office. “Right now, the lava flow is mainly toward the south,” he adds.

Take a look at the aerial photo above to see how critical a situation the webcam faces. The danger zone is marked with yellow lines, and just to the right of that area and to the right of the lowest red dots, the webcam awaits its doom. The brownish area marks the lava field, and you can see how narrow the opening is at the far right side of the field. The webcam’s escape route is about to close.


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