Police Look for Three Attackers

Vala Hafstað

The Capital Area Police Department is still looking for three men who attacked three doormen at a bar in downtown Reykjavík yesterday morning, between 1 and 2 am. The police have obtained a video of the assault, and pictures of the men will be sent to the whole police force, mbl.is reports.

Chief Inspector Guðmundur Páll Jónsson states that those who were attacked escaped surprisingly well, considering the severity of the assault. One of the doormen was repeatedly kicked in the head. He was transported with priority to the ER. The other two sustained injuries as well.

Witnesses have been questioned, as well as two of those who were attacked.

The assault took place after the doormen attempted to eject the three men from the club for disorderly behavior. The men then attacked the doormen, knocked one of them to the floor and kicked him repeatedly in the head; broke a glass on the head of another, and knocked the third one to the floor. When police arrived to the scene, the attackers had escaped.

Guðmundur Páll tells mbl.is that the investigation is proceeding well.

In August of last year, four men attacked two doormen at the nightclub Shooters in Reykjavík, resulting in one of the doormen being  paralyzed below the neck. The case brought attention to the enormous dangers faced by doormen on the job.  




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