Four in custody, following attack in Reykjavík

Four men are in police custody, following an assault in downtown Reykjavík early yesterday morning. Two bouncers were attacked outside the nightclub Shooters, reports. One of them is severely injured.

Police were called to a nightclub downtown, due to fighting indoors. “Once police arrived at the scene, it became clear that two of the bouncers had been attacked. According to witnesses, two men, who had been ordered to leave the place a little earlier, returned, along with others, and attacked the two bouncers. One of the bouncers, a man in his thirties, was severely injured after the attack and was transported to hospital right away, where he remains,” a statement from the police reads.

According to the statement, four men in their twenties and thirties, suspected of the attack, were arrested yesterday.

“Given the severity of the case, it was requested that the suspects remain in custody, due to investigative interests. The Reykjavík District Court granted the request for a two-week custody from the chief of police, through September 7. The investigation is going well, but no further information can be provided at this point,” the statement from the police concludes.


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