Icelander who Disrupted Flight Is Released

Vala Hafstað

The Icelander who was arrested in Stavanger, Norway, yesterday, after having attempted to force his way into the cockpit of an aircraft en route from Hungary to Iceland, was released last night, reports. This was confirmed by Anne Mette Dale, an attorney for the Stavanger Police.

Dale states that the man has agreed to return for further questioning today, but once that is over, he will be free to travel to Iceland, if he wishes.

She states it is too early to tell whether he will be charged in Norway for his conduct. He may end up not being charged, since his behavior is the result of his illness, she adds.

“He has given his clarifications and been cooperative with police,” she reports. The man has stated he has no recollection of the incident.

After the man, who is in his sixties, was overpowered by other passengers, the Wizz Air flight was diverted to Stavanger, Norway, where an arrest took place.

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