Police Look for Ducks and Sheep

Vala Hafstað

The Suðurnes Police Department, Southwest Iceland, is looking for a missing couple from Garður, the Reykjanes peninsula. Not only that, but they’re also pleading to the residents of Reykjanesbær municipality to help them look for a mother and her young, who have run away.

Late last night, they posted a picture of the missing couple on their Facebook page, along with these words:

“Well, oh, well; something out of the ordinary is going on, which may require us to contact the detectives on call. We just got notified that this couple [in the picture], who lives in Garður, has disappeared. We ask the residents of Garður to keep an eye out for them in their back yard. Could Noah’s Arc possibly have arrived in one of the harbors, since there is rain in the forecast for the coming days? They didn’t predict that much rain - did they?”

A short while later, another announcement was posted:

“We have received yet another unusual assignment. This time, we need the help of the residents of Reykjanesbær in a search. We’re looking for a mother and child, who have run away. They ran away from Grófin and were last seen by Heiðarholt, grazing and looking elated. The picture shows the same sort of mother and child.

But, honestly, we’re looking for a ewe and a lamb, on the move in the more elevated part of the town of Reykjanesbær. By all means, give us a call if a sheep and a lamb come through your backyard.”




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