Snow on Mountain Roads

Vala Hafstað

The Icelandic Met Office forecasts sleet or snow on mountain roads in Northeast Iceland and East Iceland today, including Fjarðarheiði mountain pass. Please check road conditions at before traveling.

Southeast of Vatnajökull glacier, strong wind gusts are expected this afternoon, potentially hazardous to vehicles that are sensitive to wind.

For the rest of the country, you can expect northerly winds of 8-15 m/sec, and 13-18 m/sec in certain areas in in southeast. Light rain or sleet in the north and east, but sunny or partly cloudy in the south and southwest. Temperatures will range between 2 and 14° C (36-57° F), warmest in the south.

Similar weather is expected tomorrow, with increasing precipitation in the northeast.

You can follow the latest weather forecast at


Clear sky


4 °C


Later today

8 °C



11 °C