ICE-SAR watches available soon

A large Swiss watch manufacturer, Luminox, has teamed up with the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR) to manufacture watches with the association’s logo, Morgunblaðið reports.

This is not the first time Luminox enters such an agreement, for it has, among other things, designed watches for the US Navy SEALs, the airplane manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corporation, the US Coast Guard, the US National Bobsled Team, and the Swiss helicopter manufacturer Heliswiss.

The first watches will be ready for worldwide distribution in mid-September. Jón Svanberg Hjartarson, CEO of Landsbjörg, states the agreement is good news for a variety of reasons.

“The project will, of course, bring attention to our work in a positive way, in addition to securing us a considerable amount of income, which will be crucial for us,” he remarks. He states that Luminox approached ICE-SAR through an international organizations to which they belong.

“They were looking for a rescue association that has a stronger relation with the public than those affiliated with a military and such. That’s how we got on their radar. It didn’t hurt that we conduct rescue missions in all kinds of places, covering areas from the bottom of the ocean to the highest mountain tops. We even have a parachute rescue team,” Jón explains.

Three types of the watches will be manufactured to begin with, designed in cooperation between Luminox and ICE-SAR.

“These are great watches that can endure demanding conditions. You’ll be able to read the watch in complete darkness. The design alludes to our work in a certain way. The first types will be dedicated to rescue on land, and the hands are shaped like carabiners. Additionally, the watches will carry our logo, on the front and back,” Jón relates.

Next year, new models can be expected, likely dedicated to rescue at sea. A limited edition of 900 watches will be manufactured to celebrate the 90th anniversary of ICE-SAR, which was celebrated in January of this year.

Distributers of the watches in Iceland will be Galleria Reykjavik on Skólavörðustígur and Leonard at Kringlan shopping mall. The retail price will be about ISK 50,000 (USD 470, EUR 400).


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