A tourist attacked downtown Reykjavík


Bónus. mbl.is/Golli

Last night around 7 o'clock two men attacked a tourist in front of the grocery store Bónus on Reykjavík's main street Laugavegur. The tourist who comes from Thailand was taken to the hospital with internal injuries and had to undergo surgery.

According to Grímur Grímsson chief superintendent, the man was not in critical condition after the attack. "He is not seriously injured, but it was quite a violent attack," says Grímsson.

One of the attackers has been arrested, a young Icelander, and the police is still looking for the other one.

There is no suspicion of the attackers using weapons, it was only beatings. The reason for the attack is unknown.

Chief superintendent Grímur Grímsson.

Chief superintendent Grímur Grímsson. mbl.is/Júlíus


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