Traffic disrupted Saturday and Sunday morning in Reykjavik due to bicycle race

Bike race Tour of Reykjavik takes place this weekend with over 1000 contestants departing from Laugardalur on Saturday and on Sunday.

In an announcement from the organiseres it states that trafffic on Vesturlandsvegur and Þingvallavegur is dirupted between 08 and 10 am, on Suðurlandsvegur and Vesturlandsvegur between 11 and 12 and the roads Grafningsvegur and Nesjavallavegur are completely closed off between 10.30 and 12 on both days. 

Last year, locals of Reykjavik complained a lot about the traffic distruptions caused by the race. This year, the organisers hope that distruption to traffic will cause less problems as its for shorter periods of time. 

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