Supplies running low in remote Iceland due to storm

Milk and bread are finished in Norðurfjörður in the West Fjords of Iceland. The situation is the same in Grímsey, an island north of Iceland.

The storm that has been raging for the last days has rendered much of Iceland and the sea around it impassable. This means that trucks, airplanes and ferries have not been able to deliver groceries. The remote parts of Iceland are the worst off as many of those relay on only one manner of transportation, if that is blocked there is not always another way to deliver the groceries.

“There is no point in crying about it” says Jóhannes Henningsson from Grímsey.”This is no fun but it’s a part of life, we are prepared for it.”

The storm should ease tonight and tomorrow, hopefully rendering roads passable and allow planes to take off, which means inhabitants of the remote areas of Iceland should be able to shop for New Year’s Eve.


Light rain


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Light rain

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