Amazing video of Icelandic jet struck by lightning!

Photo: / Inset: Facebook screenshot

Facebooker Hall­dór Guðmunds­son has posted this amazing shot of an Icelandic jet flying through an electrical storm in South-West Iceland this morning – and being struck by a bolt of lightning.

The jet, operated by Icelandic low-cost airline WOW air, was flying through the storm at around 7am this morning when the lightning struck.

According to the airline, the lightning strike in no way affected the jet, which is equipped with special lightning protection devices. No information has been received that any of the passengers on board experienced any discomfort caused by the strike.

The storm area is now moving northwards, says the Icelandic Met Office, and more lightning can be expected in West Iceland this afternoon.

Here is a video of the incident from our sister website




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